Andy Hunsaker: Craver, IFC Contributer, Omega Nerd – ComiCast Ep. 46

Admin October 26, 2012 0

Andy Hunsaker not only has a highly coveted job fanboys and girls would sell one of their kidney’s for (Crave Online’s comics editor) but he is also a contributer to IFC, home of The Whitest Kids You Know and Portlandia. Andy stops by the ComiCast! studio to talk about his podcast, The Book Report but also all things comics. From this past weekend’s New York Comic Con news, to the failed Anita Blake graphic novel IFC film, Jessica and Andy will have a heart to heart about what makes him a sequential art nerd. Andy and Jessica talk about their recommended graphic novels and comic series, artists and writers that they admire and which pop culture celebrity had Andy most nervous to interview.