Indie and the Geek Explore Dark Horse – ComiCast Ep. 42

Admin August 7, 2012 0


Nicole Sixx is back at the ComiCast! Studios again as she prepares us for a whole new adventure with Indie and the Geek. Indie and the Geek is a site sole dedicated to the exposure of comics published by independent comic book companies. There are exclusive interviews, office visits, sample art and more that grants us a behind the scenes look with what the others are doing while Marvel and DC continue their superhero ways. Dark Horse gets time to shine as the one of the main independent
publishers out there, Nicole lets us know who and what to look out for other than their wonderful reigning champ Mike Mignola. Plus, Nicole talks about Trickster! The OTHER big event that happens simultaenously with San Diego Comic Con (and in the same city)! Many attendees don’t have the time (or just aren’t aware) of the other off site events that happen while the convention hall is holding the main event. Some off site events are just as important (if not more fun!) than what’s going on inside. And what ComiCast! episode would be complete without Nicole’s pull list and her recommendations! Stay tuned!