William Bibbiani Craves San Diego Comic Con! – ComiCast Ep. 39

Admin July 10, 2012 0

IT’S COMICAST’S SAN DIEGO COMIC CON EPISODE SPECTACULAR! Jessica The Comic Book Girl and the great William Bibbiani (Film Content Editor at Crave Online and Co-Host of B-Movies Podcast) sit down and talk all things Comic-Con. Known to many as the “greatest geek mecca ever”, it is THE premiere pop culture event to go to every year. San Diego Comic Con has existed for over 40 year and now, has their tickets sell out in record time. William Bibbiani and Jessica The Comic Book Girl will be traveling down to SDCC for their annual nerd overload and they’ll give out some of their thoughts about that. From the seeking of the famous toy exclusives (and which is a must have for this year!) to the many wonderful panels one must have hit up, they will also sail over to the premiere after parties, seeing celebrities, Comic-Con survival guide and the most important topic of all: WHAT IS UP WITH THEIR TICKETING SYSTEM?