End Of Time – The First 15 Ep. 22

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END OF TIME is an action-fueled high fantasy set in a world where magic exists and soldiers fight with swords and arrows instead of guns. The realm is a modernized version of traditional sword and sorcery epics — aircraft and trains replace dragons and horses — with a political, military and social structure not too different from our own global confines. RHYNE HUFF is an exceeding young soldier looking to become an officer. His leadership in battle gains him high regards, and his skill with a blade is matched only by DAMON FILCH, his commanding officer. During a routine mission to protect a village from a warring faction, Huff rescues MELINE ARCADIA, a senator’s daughter and apparent mage. During this battle, the mysterious and powerful sorceress KRIANNA attacks, luring Filch to her cause. Huff, newly promoted and esteemed, is charged both with protecting Meline, as well as assassinating the sorceress.