Geeks The Comic Strip, Judge Dredd and European comics – ComiCast Ep. 36

Admin June 11, 2012 0

Carl Anderson is the creator of Geeks-The Comic Strip and a curator of all things webcomics. Comic books and funnies have expanded past their printed mediums and now have taken over the digital world. From XKCD, PVP, Penny Arcade to digitally archiving past Dilbert and Garfield publications, the internet world has made these comic strips both immortal, while boosting popularity. Carl Anderson is here today with Jessica The Comic Book Girl to talk about his strip-Geeks, the intricate world of webcomics and his top picks of comics that he’s been reading. Hailing from a UK background, Carl dicusses the difference in American and UK comics, the European market, Dylan Dog, Judge Dredd fandom (remember that Sylverstor Stallone movie?) and of course, Doctor Who!

(Please note, the twitter handle for Carl is incorrect in the video. You can follow Carl and his work here: @GeeksComicStrip)