DOPPELGANGERS – The First 15 Ep. 18

Chris Amick May 4, 2012 0

Story by Spencer Eldridge & Joanne Hudson
Screenplay by Joanne Hudson

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Logline: Jeff Bridges has gotten too famous; now his doppelgänger is drawing near. With the help of George Clooney and a mild mannered bass player named Spencer, Jeff will go up against the evil Rob Reiner in order to merge with his own doppelgänger. When Jeff first hears about his Doppelgänger, he is certain Reiner and Clooney are pulling his leg. Yeah, right, Rob Reiner is the head of some clandestine Hollywood cabal charged with keeping the Doppelgängers at bay and George Clooney is his somewhat hapless sidekick in this task. But, when continued near-miss encounters cause him intense nausea; a creeping sensation of an oncoming existential crisis faces him in the mirror each day; and fate keeps throwing a mild mannered bass player who seems to know the doppelganger into his lap, Jeff decides to take action. He will allow himself to be ‘absorbed’ by his Doppelgänger, if only he can keep Rob Reiner from killing the Doppelgänger before he gets the chance.