Today on FilmTracks: Austin Wintory Talks About ‘Journey’!

Andrew Alderete April 17, 2012 0

With advancements in technology, video games have become an immersive experience. Twenty years ago, orchestral scores and high def video in a video game was an outrageous thought, but everyone knew it was coming. Think of ‘Myst’, or ‘Wing Commander’ – these games scratched the surface of what was to become normal in every game released today. In today’s podcast, Andrew will talk with Austin Wintory, the score composer to the top downloaded game in PS3 history. With a subtle and very thematic score, we will dissect the experience and inspiration for the music, in addition to talking about specific elements of game scoring vs. live action, and how there seems to be a synergy between the two. We will, of course, show clips and take questions – tune in live @ 5PM PST on!