The Music of Documentaries – FilmTracks Ep. 7

Admin March 13, 2012 0

Documentaries are often though of as short films that literally document a specific time and place in history. The Discovery Channel, National Georgraphic, The History Channel – they all give us a slice of information in a narrative sense. Voiceover narration, a very informative style. In the broad sense, many documentaries follow this suite, however some are observational – where the story unfolds through visuals, and music. No narration, and no throughline – it’s an experience you have to make for yourself. In this episode of FilmTracks, Andrew and Jesse will talk about documentaries that are surprising, and interesting. Films that you may not have heard of, but that demonstrate genius in music selection and direction. As always, tune in – 5PM PST, Tuesday.

Here is the Spotify playlist of the show. More clips and albums below!