Gary Whitta and The Book of Eli – FilmTracks Ep. 6

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In today’s episode, Andrew and Jesse have writer Gary Whitta on the show – a professional screenwriter who’s recent credits include ‘The Book of Eli’ and the upcoming Shyamalan film, ‘After Earth’. We will talk exclusively about ‘The Book of Eli’, about his relationship with music, and how it plays an important role in his creative process. We will also show key scenes from Eli scored by Atticus Ross – the composer that Gary met with during the scoring sessions. Does music define characters during writing? How can it change a scene? We will listen to examples of what Gary listened to for inspiration during the writing of Eli, and talk about how important it was to define key moments on the page.

Gary with Atticus Ross


Al Green Song

Rape Scene:

Anita Ward 78 – Cannibals: