Coming up on Hindsight – ‘Real’ Vampires!

Admin March 6, 2012 0

Long before “True Blood,” “Twilight,” and even “Buffy” there was a vampire craze that actually scared the hell out of people… and killed some folks too. On this creepy episode of HINDSIGHT, Tom and Matthew discuss several strange examples of “real,” documented cases of vampirism in Europe between 1725 and 1735. Aided by actual detailed accounts made by Austrian physicians and government officials that were present at the time, Tom and Matthew will share these gruesomely true stories that created widespread hysteria across Europe and firmly planted the vampire mythology into Western culture.

Also on this episode, the hilarious story of the inaccurately named “Battle” of Cahuenga Pass. You’ll never look at the Hollywood Freeway the same way again!

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