Paul M. Sammon is Back on The Experts

The Experts February 28, 2012 0

Paul M. Sammon ( from Blade Runner: Episode 11 ) is back in the studio on this Wednesday’s episode of The Experts ! This time we’ll be talking about Starship Troopers with the man who not only wrote the book, The Making of Starship Troopers , but also worked as second unit and FX photographer on the first film, stills photographer/publicist on Hero of the Federation… and he’s one of the guys here , sacrificing a poor defenseless cow to an Arachnid…

There will be discussion of the film’s political messages, controversy surrounding the portrayal of the Robert Heinlein novel, Paul Verhoeven’s brilliance and his insanity, the Special Effects, the public reaction… AND at some point during the interview, Paul will make an exciting announcement about an upcoming event involving the film, cast and crew.
Of course, even though Paul is best known as an incredible film journalist and Non-Fiction author, it would be foolish not to highlight the fact that he is an award winning author of Fiction as well. At the end of the episode, we’ll have the treat of hearing about one of his most recent, and most unique short stories.

As if all of this wasn’t awesome enough on it’s own… this Wednesday marks the debut of Chris Amick, as Alexis Diana’s co-host and partner in crime. They say there’s strength in numbers and The Experts is… expanding…. multiplying… like an army of alien spiders.

Don’t be afraid… join us…

Tune in to Trigg.LA/live @ 5PM PT 2/29/2012 !