History Podcast Starts Today!

Admin February 8, 2012 0

We are excited to announce our new podcast, HINDSIGHT, will be added to the TriggLA network, starting today!

Hosted by Thomas Berry (Producer of The Experts) and Matthew Leddy, the show is sure to be MUCH more engaging than any history class you’ve ever taken.

They say that those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. Don’t be a repeater! Watch Hindsight, the history podcast brought to you by resident Los Angeles drunks, er, history buffs Tom Berry and Matthew Leddy featuring lively discussions about some of history’s forgotten stories, bizarre happenings, and intriguing curiosities. Special guests will materialize from time to time to keep them honest as they venture back into the analects of human existence to uncover the tales your high school history teacher didn’t have the guts to tell you… all in hopes of better understanding the crazy world we live in.

On Today’s Episode:
If you hate paying rent and secretly wish you could dress up like a member of the Calico Tribe and launch an armed insurrection against your landlord… then you might enjoy today’s episode of HINDSIGHT. Which, by the way, is the anciently awesome new history show hosted by Tom Berry and Matthew Leddy… who were dragged out of the bar across the street to do this show in exchange for free booze. So, tune in for the historic FIRST EPISODE and listen to a lively discussion of the anti-rent movement of 1839 and why you owe thousands of farmers from upstate New York a debt of gratitude for making landlords suck just a little less. Tom and Matthew will also delve briefly into local Los Angeles and California history as they show and discuss some rare film footage of Bunker Hill in Los Angeles and Market Street in San Francisco that provides a quick glance into a lost world.

The show will air live every-other Wednesday at 5:00pm (starting today!) on trigg.la/live or you can subscribe on iTunes