Today on The First 15 podcast – “Famous Frank” by Richard Fordyce

Admin January 12, 2012 0

Each episode of The First 15 brings screenwriting members of Trigger Street Labs to a live workshop of their screenplay’s first 15 pages.

Today’s screenplay is “Famous Frank” by Richard Fordyce. (click the link to read before the show)

After a career teaching Latin and Greek to schoolchildren, Frank is widowed and sliding happily into retirement as a grumpy old codger. But his personal life is turned topsy-turvy when his brother dies in a traffic accident. Frank suddenly becomes the owner of a family business he was never interested in: a company which manufactures toothpaste. His late arrival into the arena of business and commerce leads him into misunderstandings, celebrity, street brawling, ghosts from the past… and romance.

The episode will air live at 5:00pm Pacific on