Today on The First 15 – “Mind of the Beholder” by Carl Salminen

Admin January 26, 2012 0

Each episode of The First 15 brings screenwriting members of Trigger Street Labs to a live workshop of their screenplay’s first 15 pages.

Today’s screenplay is MIND OF THE BEHOLDER by Carl Salminen. (click the link to read it before the show)

Ito Asami, a detective on the Osaka police force has been tasked, against his wishes, with assembling a team of psychics to track down a brutal serial killer. The most skilled among these psychics is Sera Owens, a woman whose tragic past drives her to use her abilities as a way to make up for lingering guilt and fears. Ito and this team of psychics work to uncover truths about the killer. When they finally do, the one truth they never expected was that he would also be a psychic – a psychic more powerful than they are. The tables turn as the hunters become the hunted. Ito’s psychics die, one-by-one, until only Sera remains and she is locked up in protective custody. But Sera, it turns out, is the killer’s ultimate prize. He comes for her, snatches her from under the nose of the police and takes her to his lair. All hope seems lost until an astonishing and unexpected psychic link forms between Ito and Sera. Ito becomes the only one who can find her – he’s her last and only hope. What results is a battle between forces of good and evil in a final, mind-boggling showdown that pits the power of the heart and will against the powers of a soulless killer.

The episode will air live at 5:00pm Pacific on January 26, 2012, right here on