Soundtracks & the Oscars 2012 – FilmTracks Ep. 1

Admin January 31, 2012 0

Why are soundtracks important? What makes a good soundtrack? What about Oscar predictions? Andrew and Jessie dive into the elements of a soundtrack and score, and why they’re important. Starting with a cool intro to the hit television series THE BORGIAS with score music by Trevor Morris, one can get a sense of what the show is about before even seeing one scene. Jessie will talk about the opening scene from 50/50, and why it makes a perfect opening sequence. While music is an integral part of the aesthetic of any film, and these are clear creative choices that can make or break a story on the big screen. Of course, the Oscars are coming up with a variety of nominations spanning a wide range of composers – Andrew will talk about the details and his prediction for the winner, while Jessie will dive into the process of nominating Best Original Song, and its process. Jessie will also go into why comedy lends itself better to VA soundtracks, and which music supervisors to look out for. In addition to her best picks of the year, the show will always end with our albums/artist/song of the week, and some interesting soundtrack news.

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