destinyHop – The Experts Ep. 12

The Experts December 7, 2011 0

When the powers of The Experts and MusiCast combine, we are… Captain Trigg.LA? Wait… no… we are… a show about unusual, eccentric, hilariously random music videos that make up Palace Parker’s web creation, … and a chance to get to know life long music afficianado, @PalaceParker beyond being your weekly source of Music news on Trigg.LA.

Francine Dancer

Host John Kilduff paints world famous Francine Dancer’s portrait while running on a treadmill,blending drinks, and taking calls live… ALL AT THE SAME TIME

Crispin Glover

David Lynch’s Blue Velvet

Swedish music videos

Hi, my name is John Daker

Religion and Austin Public Access Television