The Tech Mob Joins the Webcast Lineup!

Admin November 14, 2011 0

Trigg.LA has a new, live webcast that is sure to entice the inner geek in all of us.


From the front lines of Hollywood and Silicon Valley, start-ups, mobile, web, the new entrepreneurs, and film tech, brought to you from your blond host, Jenna Hannon. The Tech Mob features interviews from the latest in success and innovation through entrepreneurs, inventors, and the influencers of the biz. Nerd speak, brought to everyday interest in the sphere of tech.

The first episode will interview CG Supervisor from X-Men, Spiderman, 2012, and the Green Lantern, the circus flying jew, and your-not-so average kitesurfing nerd, Morris May, on the wave of tech in computer generated film, covering everything from Steve Job’s Pixar legacy, to digital doubles, to the process of creating film fully from computers.

The first episode is this Wednesday, 11/16/11, at 11:00am. Watch live at