The New Site is up – Blog posts and podcasts all together now!

Dana Brunetti November 8, 2011 0


Some of you may remember the old blog where we posted a variety of things from interesting or funny videos, pictures, and other assorted clips. And some of you know about TrigglaTV, the podcast network we’ve been slowly assembling. Well we’ve merged the two so you can now get all of that content right here in one place.

As we begin to ramp up the site expect to see more activity with posts and podcasts. We will be adding a few more shows to the network, and maybe altering a couple of the existing, so watch this space for exciting things to come.

We hope to bring you enjoyable content and look forward to your feedback and comments in both the Live Chat and in the comments on each post. Help us grow the site by Tweeting us out to your network, and also follow us on Twitter and “Like” and share us on Facebook.