How To Drive Like a Boss… and more

Dana Brunetti November 22, 2011 0

While browsing videos on Youtube, I discovered “How to Drive Like a Boss.” Here are some favorites.

German Engineering at its finest

This guy either doesn’t know that he’s having a problem with his front wheel, or doesn’t care. No matter, because he drives like a boss.

Nothing a little duct tape can’t fix

It may not be very comfortable for the passengers, but that’s not your concern when you’re driving like a boss. I searched to see if there was also video of how that SUV ended up that way, but I could not find it. Yet.

And not only can you drive like a boss, but you can also enter and exit your vehicle like a boss!

Exiting Vehicle Like a Boss

Entering Vehicle Like a Boss

Park like a boss

And then or course if you’re going to drive like a boss, you need to know how to park like one too.

Turn Key Boss

And for all of you potential wanna be bosses out here, here’s a turn key engineering marvel with a for sale sign in the window. The number to contact the seller is not readable in the video. Or maybe it is, but only to those that know how to drive like a boss.