A farewell. Recapping my amazing years at Trigger Street.

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 Three and a half years ago, I walked into the offices of Trigger Street Productions on La Cienega Blvd in Los Angeles without a clue. With absolutely no experience in Hollywood, or any industry remotely similar, I was given a chance. My task was simple – produce a weekly podcast for the company. Three cameras, three lights, two mics, two hosts and Final Cut Pro. I had two weeks to prove myself.


 I’ll never forget sitting there that first day, lights on, mics powered up, cameras ready to roll and just before I clapped the sticks, I realize I hadn’t pressed record on any of the cameras. “Fuck, what am I getting myself into?”, I thought. Somehow, by the grace of the Final Cut Pro Multi-Cam Sync Gods, I got the show shot, edited and posted before my 40th birthday. 


A week later, I was hired.


What transpired over the next three years was an incredible mix of chaos and success. The company was fresh off the release of “21”, and I had no idea what to expect. I vaguely remember a phone call in 2008 to Dana from Ben Mezrich. Something about a guy named Mark and the start of facebook. Sounds cool, I thought, but do most people even care about facebook? Is that even a movie?


Yes, there’s a reason Dana runs the company.


From there, Trigger Street took off and I hung on for dear life. Matt and I moved the entire office to a new loft space without hiring anyone from the Home Depot parking lot. We went to ComiCon. We went to Sundance. We went to New York City. I retrieved a 15 foot stuffed aligator from the swamps of Louisiana in a U-haul truck and hung it on the stairs in our office. I spent 36 hours straight editing a single podcast. I flew in a G550 and squealed like one of those Justin Bieber shits the entire flight. I dressed up as Chewbacca for our company Christmas card. I was good at my job. I sucked at my job. It was the absolute best opportunity I could’ve ever imagined, especially in a city that’s quick to not give a shit about you, no matter how trendy your pants are. And my pants are never trendy.


Sadly, the run must come to an end. The guys here are like family, no matter how badly they want to kill me by 9:30am on Monday morning. It’s hard to leave a place that you love, but like breaking up with a really hot girl that’s probably about to break up with you, it’s for the best. 


So to Kevin, Dana, Jo, Carter, Matt, Chris, our interns (except that one we had to fire for accidentally sending a book to China), thank you. It’s been one hell of a ride


(The TS mascot, Chomp, just after his capture)


(A typical day for the office ‘fridge)


(We support – literally – all kinds of Storm Troopers)


  • chaensel

    Dude…. I would have given a lot to have that job, and I’m sure you have gone through great times and through tough times. Where ever your next steps take you: I’m sure it will be just as much fun :o P