The song from the club scene in “The Social Network”

Admin October 4, 2010 12

Since it’s not on the soundtrack and I’ve been asked a few times now… Here you go!

  • ValerieAnn aka: Lucky

    Just listened to it for the first time. I love it. My dog Ella and I danced to it. It’s a great track to work out to. Lot’s of good energy.Let me know if you’re interested in a Yahoo story line for a future movie.

  • Dharma

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Badra


  • Alex

    Thanks bro! Just watched the movie yesterday and wanted to find this song and here it is :D .

  • Ducky

    It’s actually by Cassius…. :)

  • Gary

    Erm, maybe someone can help me here? For the past hour I have been looking for a similar track,I can’t exactly remember if it was after or before this scene but the track goes something like”When the sun goes down” Can anyone help? Much appreciated if someone could. It’s driving me crazy.

  • Gonza

    @Gary: This is the song! listen 6:08

  • Gary

    Thank you :D

  • fuck stain


  • Riffmatik82

    This song is then sampled from the original “Sound of Violence” from a French-electro duo, Cassius from their 2001 album “Au Reve”.

  • Mark


  • MrSwearyballs

    well done for posting this, thanks